Wednesday, September 5, 2012

im back :)

Salam all..

I'm exactly 3 months old today.. and my corrected age would be 12 days old

So many things happened the last 6 weeks.. im sorry for my absence, im too occupied with mummy and daddy and this whole new experience to me..

as a summary..

  • i was discharged on 30th July after 5 days staying with Mummy in the ward
  • i get to see Kak Maryam for first time (yo sista!), maklong, uncle zuri (hi handsome), uncle amad, uncle johann
  • i get to see my grandparents on both mummy and daddy side for the first time when i arrived home. Hi papatok mamatok tokmama and tok abah!
  • aunty tash, sis sera, uncle jon and aunty yeye also came and see me the next day. Gosh i feel important! :)
  • something terrible happened on 5th August (my 2nd month of life). I was feeding mummy's milk at that time. Everyone went panic. Luckily Aunty Qah arrived from Penang just on time to save me! I had to be admitted back to NICU for 4 days.
  • i was discharged again for the second time on 9th August
  • i went for eye checkup on 13th August. My retina is now mature (yey!). They want to see me again next year when im one years old
  • i went to klinik kesihatan to get my 2nd month jab. ouchh its painful that i scream my lungs out! luckily i dont have fever or anything like that. im tough hehe oh and my weight at that time was 2.8kg

I had my first Raya experience in Putrajaya. Daddy thinks im too fragile to travel , what with the horrible traffic jam heading south and just the thought of being far from hospital in case anything happened to me scares us.

I had visitors from time to time but none of them dare to touch or hold me.. hehe mummy and daddy are not keen so they just waved at me and give me duit raya. i had toys from Melbourne (tq kak Aisha!), a lot of cute boyish baju from Bintulu, Setapak and more duit raya from everywhere.. haha

My development milestone so far
  •  i smiled a lot in my sleep and when im full after feeding
  •  i stare at faces esp mummy and daddy when they feed me
  •  i can lift my head momentarily, this troubles mummy n daddy during bath time as my head can blob back any direction after that
  •  i can responds to sound. when im bored alone and i started crying, mummy or tokmama will try to talk and reason with me first. That helps to occupy me for some short time before i remembered that i want to be carried, not talked to!
  •  i laugh in my sleep few times. Daddy thinks im dreaming about playing rugby with him ha ha
  •  i still have jerky movements and
  •  my favourite lullaby is New Zealand national anthem (?? why daddy)

Im on anti-regurgitation formula milk (special formulation for babies who have reflux like me). Currently im taking 2 oz every 3 hours and more at night as im more awake and playful.

Im still on loads of medications. i hate to wrestle with mummy everytime she wants to give me ubat. But i had to since it taste awful!

My current weight is 3.34 kg :)

i can rolled to one side on my own
 i loved to sleep before, during and after bath..

ahh.. my shoulder
This is my first raya pose. Thanks Uncle Zuri for taking this pic. I loved it! haha

taking a nap with daddy
posing with Mummy
latest pic of me


Friday, July 27, 2012

36 weeks corrected age

Weight: 2.27kg
Feeding: 45cc anti regurgitation formula + topup breastfeeding on demand

Im still here in the NICU.

Im still the most senior 'resident' among the babies here as today marked my 52 days of stay.

Good news is.. Mummy is staying here with me!!! Yippeeee

The doctors informed mummy and daddy late last night that my feeding tube is out so now i can try to fully feed with my mouth. My performance over the last few days was quite promising.. Ehem ehem *grin*

Little that mummy know that im full of energy at night hihi.. I cried my lungs out when im hungry and the satiety only lasted an hour before i wanted some more of mummy's milk. Im finally asleep at 3am..

I finished the whole bottle (50mls) at 6am feed in one go.yeay! Mummy got to bath me for the first time. Then we went down to the scan room on ground floor for routine scan of my heart (which was normal :)). That was my first 'outing' from NICU and im pretty much enjoyed it.

Very nice uncle Occupational Therapist who has been seing me since my early days of life came in the afternoon and did his usual 'thing'. He teaches mummy how to stimulate my sucking reflex. He promised mummy that he will come again on tuesday for group massage. I really cant wait! :)